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Minor in Secondary Education

Vocal Music Education

Praxis II Licensure Exams:
Music: Content Knowledge - 10113
Music: Concepts and Processes - 20111
Music: Analysis - 20112
Music candidates may take any level of Principles of Learning and
Teaching - 20521, 20523 or 20524

Students must major in music with an emphasis in applied music and
meet with the Music Department Chair each semester for advising.

Music Major (59 hours)

MUTH 2381 Music Theory I
MUTH 2391 Music Theory II
MUTH 3381 Music Theory III
MUTH 2291 Aural Skills I
MUTH 2292 Aural Skills II
MUTH 3231 Form and Analysis

Music Ensemble (4 hours)

Applied Study (4 hours)

Upper-level Applied Study (4 hours)

MUTH electives (3 hours)

MUHL 3322 Survey of Western Art Music

MUHL 3381 American Music

MUHL elective chosen from: 3351, 3361, 3370, 3371 (3 hours)

Six hours of Music electives

Six semesters of MUAP 1000 Recital Attendance

Music Education Emphasis (14 hours)

MUAP 3224 Conducting I
MUAP 3325 Conducting II
MUED 3314 Vocal Pedagogy
MUED 3315 Teaching Choral Music in the Secondary Schools
MUED 3322 Music in the Elementary Grades

Students in the secondary education track are strongly encouraged to take
either MUTH 4310 Arranging or MUTH 4320 Composition I as the theory

Additionally, students are required to take MUHL 3322 Survey of
Western Art Music, MUHL 3381 American Music, complete at least two
semesters in MUEN 4113 Concert Choir, and enroll in MUEN 4140
Community Choir each semester they are enrolled in this emphasis.

Students in the secondary education track are required to
demonstrate piano/keyboard proficiency. For students with little or no
piano/keyboard background, it may be necessary to take up to 8 hours of
piano/keyboard classes MUAP 1214 Piano Class I, 1244 Piano Class II,
2284 Class Piano III, and 3265 Piano Skills to fulfill this requirement

Updated 10.11.2011