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Gender Studies


Gender Studies is inter-disciplinary, which means that its core courses come from many different departments. This liberal education makes a Gender Studies minor both interesting and advantageous. Below is a list of courses that have been cross-listed to the Gender Studies program, along with course numbers and descriptions. New courses are incorporated on a semester basis. Check with the program coordinator for a complete list.

Gender Communication

This course is also listed in the Rhetoric and Writing Department.

An examination of gender as it influences verbal and nonverbal interaction between men and women. Topics discussed include: the ways communication in families, schools, media, and society creates and perpetuates gender roles and, how socially created gender differences in public and private setting affect success, satisfaction, and self-esteem. This course focuses on using major gender communication theories and concepts to develop a heightened awareness of gender issues that relate to human interaction.

Sexuality, Society, and Culture

This course is also listed in the Anthropology Department.

This course provides an examination of the nature of sexuality, cross-culturally as well as in Western society. It examines sexuality in a broader, socio-cultural context, and uses cultural construction from prehistoric to post- modern eras as a form of reproduction.

Women in a Changing Society

This course is also listed in the Sociology Department.

An analysis of the socialization of women for their ascribed roles, with an emphasis on the molding forces of culture and the changes taking place in women’s roles in contemporary, US, and other societies.

Women in Literature

This course is also listed in the English Department.

This course involves reading and writing about literature by and about women, placing an emphasis on works by nineteenth- and twentieth-century writers.

Sociology of the Family

This course is also listed in the Sociology Department.

This course studies the family as a major unifying force for the individual, the community, and the total society, with emphasis on parental and marital dynamics; analysis of the changes associated with the emergence of urban industrial societies.

Family Violence

This course is also listed in the Sociology Department.

A consideration of abuse, neglect, and conflict within the family. Offers a review of basic theories of interpersonal violence and conflict resolution. Focus on abuse of children, siblings, spouses, and elders. Discussion of social policy responses and appropriate interventions.

Psychology of Women

This course is also listed in the Psychology Department.

The study of the psychology of women, emphasizing the different views of women in our society, the bases of these views, and their implications for men and women.

Kinship and Descent

This course is also listed in the Anthropology Department.

A systematic treatment of marriage, descent, and alliances on a cross-cultural basis. Examination of social behavior and terminologies related to kinship systems drawn from traditional and modern societies.

Women in World History

This course is also listed in the History Department.

An examination of the conditions of women in history with emphasis on problems in European history; attitudes toward women as reflected in religious, legal, and philosophical literature; and the role expectations of women in various societies.

Perspectives on Women in American History

This course is also listed in the History Department.

Consideration of conditions and problems of women in American history from colonial to modern times with reference to European background and parallels when appropriate.

Updated 4.12.2012