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Minor in Middle Eastern Studies

Arabic Language Classes

Arabic Classes Spring 2015

Beginning Arabic Spring 2015 is in progress.

Future Classes/Arabic Listserv

We usually offer classes in the fall and spring semesters.  The best way to make sure you get first notice about upcoming class schedules and registration is to sign up for our Arabic listserv.  See below for information about how to sign up if you want to be contacted with the latest news about schedules, registration, and other updates and opportunities related to Arabic at UALR! (Don’t worry! You will not get a lot of emails on this list, just the ones you need.)

Some basic information about our Arabic classes

Our Arabic classes are non-credit classes provided by the UALR Middle Eastern Studies Program as a service to the community. Everyone (age 15 and up, please) is welcome to enroll if you have a serious interest in learning this important world language.  You do not need to be a UALR student or enroll in UALR in order to take the class.  The cost for the class is the price of the of the required textbook and any other materials required by the instructor. (See the course description for beginning Arabic, below, for more information about the course and the textbook we use).  Registration priority goes to UALR Middle Eastern Studies students and otherwise is first come first served.  We will remove the registration link from this webpage once the class is full.

To sign up to take an Arabic class at UALR, we use a simple online registration system.  Links to online registration forms will be located on this web page during the registration period.  We will post the class schedule first, along with the dates that registration will be open.  Please check this webpage frequently for the latest information about upcoming classes.  You will just need to fill out your basic contact information and give us an idea of your knowledge of and interest in Arabic when you register.

Beginning Arabic is taught for the absolute beginner, you do not need to have any previous experience with the language in order to take the class.  In order to qualify to take Intermediate Arabic,  you must have passed previous Arabic courses at UALR or take a placement test to show that you are ready to take this level of Arabic.

The classes are taught by Basel Khalil. Mr. Khalil is a native Arabic speaker with training in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from the UK based International House Worldwide Organization of Language Schools.

Course Description for Beginning Arabic:

This class will focus on the essentials of Modern Standard Arabic. You will learn to read and write the Arabic alphabet, some fundamentals of grammar and sentence structure, and learn important phrases you need for essential daily functions such as visiting an Arabic speaking home, shopping, and traveling. At the end of this course you should be able to read and write simple texts and have basic polite conversations.

The textbook we use is:

Al-kitab Al-asasi Volume I: A Basic Course for Teaching Arabic to Non-native Speakers
by El-said Badawi
American University in Cairo Press (2009)
ISBN-10: 9774162315

The book is usually available at the UALR bookstore.

Course Description for Arabic 2 (Beginning-Intermediate):

This class will focus on developing skills in Modern Standard Arabic. You will learn to read, speak, understand, and write about topics that are useful in daily life in an Arabic speaking country.  Grammatical topics you will study include noun and verbal sentences, duals, plurals, noun and verb conjugations, connecting words, grammatical constructions, and proper use of numbers.  You will also learn about Middle Eastern culture, food, and holidays.  Each week you will have writing based homework.  At the end of this course you should be able to read and write moderately difficult texts and have functional conversations with native speakers.

Arabic email listserv

Keep up with the latest news about schedules, registration, and other updates and opportunities related to Arabic at UALR!  Sign up for our listserv!  Here’s how:

To subscribe to a list, send a message to with the body of…

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Using the example above, John Doe would send…

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The message should be sent from the mail account where subscribers want to receive listserv messages.

Do not include a signature line such as the one at the bottom of many free, web-based e-mail providers. Do not include carbon copies or a subject line.

If you need help signing up for the listserv, please feel free to contact Computing Services at 569-3345 or 569-8720.

For more information

If you have any questions about Arabic at UALR, e-mail Dr. Simon Hawkins

Updated 2.9.2015