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Master of Science in Taxation

Admission Requirements

To enter the program you need:

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (or equivalent) from an accredited institution of higher education.

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting degree or “equivalent”:

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting, the MACC and the MST are designed for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting degree or an “equivalent” degree. Students with an undergraduate degree other than an accounting degree from an accredited university are considered to have the “equivalent” of an accounting degree after completion of the following courses:

  • ACCT 3311 Intermediate Financial Accounting I
  • ACCT 3312 Intermediate Financial Accounting II
  • ACCT 3321 Federal Taxation I
  • ACCT 3330 Intermediate Cost and Managerial Accounting I
  • ACCT 3341 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACCT 3361 Governmental/Not-for-Profit Accounting
  • ACCT 4314 Advanced Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 4351 Auditing I

Applicant must meet one of the following two admissions criteria:

200 * Overall GPA (based on a 4.0 point scale) + GMAT Score ≥ 1020 or
200 * last 60 semester hours (or equivalent) + GMAT Score ≥ 1080

The minimum acceptable GMAT Score is 420 and the minimum acceptable GPA is 2.50

The GMAT will be waived if one of the following two criteria are met:

1. Applicant has passed all parts (or levels) of a professional licensing exam in accounting, finance or law or

2. Applicant has at least 5 years of senior-level professional experience in accounting or taxation. In this case, a resume and personal interview are required.The program coordinator will decide whether or not to waive the GMAT based on experience and that decision is final.

* TOEFL: For all programs, international students must meet the TOEFL requirements as specified in the UALR Graduate Catalog before being admitted to any of the graduate programs in accounting and taxation.

Updated 11.10.2010