Undergraduate Degrees

Major in Music
A music major requires a minimum of 45 credit hours. There are four possible areas of emphasis in the bachelor of arts music degree. Majors may emphasize

  • Music Performance,
  • Music History and Literature,
  • Music Theory
  • Applied Music leading to Vocal Secondary Education Licensure

Students pursuing a professional career in music are advised that the master’s degree is often considered the minimum training necessary. Prospective music majors should select major courses carefully and be advised each semester by department faculty.

Applied Music leading to Vocal Secondary Education Licensure Majors
Music majors in the emphasis in applied music leading to vocal secondary education licensure track will be strongly encouraged to take

  • a CLEP examination to pass out of MUTH 1310 Music Fundamentals in order to take MUTH 4320 Composition I as a theory elective.
  • are required to take MUHL 3331, Music History I and 3341 Music History II.
  • Complete at least two semesters in MUAP 4113 Concert Choir.
  • Pass a piano/keyboard proficiency exam. For students entering with little or no piano/keyboard background, it may be necessary to take up to four hours of piano/keyboard classes (MUAP 1214 Class Piano, 1244 Class Piano II, 2284 Class Piano III, and 3265 Piano Skills) in order to fulfill this requirement.
  • Meet Vicki R. Lind each semester for advising.