Tom Richeson

Tom Richeson

Tom Richeson is an Associate Professor of Music and Jazz Studies Coordinator at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, where he has taught more than twenty courses (currently Improvisation, History of Jazz, History of Rock, and Introduction to Music). He has two degrees from the University of Tennessee, where he studied with Jerry Coker and Bill Scarlett. He’s performed extensively worldwide. As a trumpeter he toured with many pop stars, most notably, The Jacksons, Diana Ross, Lou Rawls, and The O’Jays. He has also performed with jazz artists Pharoah Sanders, Stan Samole, Frank Sinatra, Charles Thomas, Art Porter Sr. and Jr., and the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. He’s also played in the Knoxville and Arkansas Symphony Orchestras. In 1969, while a senior in high school, he was the first guest student instrumentalist to ever appear with one of the established Air Force instrumental solo groups when he was featured with the United States Air Force Band in Washington, D.C. He is a member of the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame, and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Fellowship in 1986. In the 1980s he founded, directed, and produced two albums for The Little Rock Jazz Machine, a jazz big band. He also plays a MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) wind controller, playing in jazz–fusion bands with Proclaim! International. His recordings include Goose Bumps (1991) and A Tribute to Jerry Coker (2005) and Jazz Tracks (2014).

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Tom Richeson’s Courses

MUPR Improvisation

Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor (requires an audition, contact the instructor). Study of application and principles of jazz improvisation, including nomenclature, chord progressions, chord scales, patterns, melodic development, and solo transcription. MUPR 2228, 3228, and 4228 (55 minute private lessons).

MUHL 3351 History of Rock

A study of the evolution of rock music from its pre-rock origins to the present. Topics & Styles: Rock Roots, Early Rock ‘n’ Roll, Teen-Styled Rock, Soul & Motown, British Invasion, American Reaction, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Country Rock, Jazz-Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Art & Glitter Rock, Ska & Reggae, Punk, New Wave, Funk, Disco, MTV, Alternative, Grunge, Speed Metal, Thrash, etc. Three credit hours.

MUHL 3361 History of Jazz

A study of the development and styles of jazz music and its principal exponents. Topics & Styles: Jazz Roots, Traditional Jazz, Swing, Bebop, Cool Jazz, West Coast Jazz, Free Jazz, Jazz-Rock Fusion, the Eclectic 1970s – 80s, Latin Jazz, Women in Jazz, Jazz Guitarists, etc. Three credit hours.

MUHL 2305 Introduction to Music

Recommended prerequisite: RHET 1311. Introduction to the creative process and history of music, vocabulary and descriptive terms used in the musical arts, and how to write about them. Attendance at arts events is required. Students will learn through writing, reading, discussing, listening, and participating in critical thinking and problem-solving activities. Fulfills core requirement in aesthetics along with ARHA 2305 or THEA 2305. Three credit hours.