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MUEN 3104 - Techniques of Accompanying

Fall - 2002: German Art Song

Instructor: Trudy Kincade (
Office: Room 110 Fine Arts
Phone: 569-3294
Messages: 569-8776
Course Description: Techniques of Accompanying is designed to equip the keyboard major to function as an accompanist. This course offers both theoretical and practical experience.
Prerequisite: Audition to include performance of 1-2 selections from standard piano repertoire and sight reading.


Adler, Kurt. The Art of Accompanying and Coaching.
Coffin, Bertin. Word-by-Word Translations of Songs and Arias. (Vol. 1)
Einstein, Alfred. Music in the Romantic Era.
Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich. The Fischer-Dieskau Book of Lieder.
Gorrell, Lorraine. The Nineteenth-Century Lied.
Hall, James Husst. The Art Song.
Moore, Gerald. Singer and Accompanist.
Purchase: 50 Selected Songs by Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, Wolf, and Strauss, Published by Schirmer.


Weekly 1-hour class sessions
Studio lesson assignments


1/2 of the grade is from the in studio observations & in class assignments.
1/4 of the grade is the mid-term.
1/4 of the grade is the final.
On the final exam you must be prepared to play one of the following songs:
   Du bist wie eine Blume by Schumann
   Wie Melodien zieht es mir by Brahms
   Der Tod und das Madchen by Schubert
   Verborgenheit by Wolf

Students with Disabilities:

Disability Support Services: It is the policy of UALR to accommodate students with disabilities, pursuant to federal law and state law. Any student with a disability who needs accommodation, for example in arrangements for seating, examinations, note-taking should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. It is also the policy and practice of UALR to make web-based information accessible to students with disabilities. If you, as a student with a disability, have difficulty accessing any part of the online course materials for this class, please notify the instructor immediately. The chair of the department offering this course is also available to assist with accommodations. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services, telephone (501) 569-3143 (v/tty), and on the Web at

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