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Vocal Arts

Learning Resources

This page contains MIDI audio files for UALR Women’s Chorus members to use when practicing their parts between rehearsals.

Left-click on the file link to play the file immediately; right-click on the file and choose Save Target As … to save the file to your own computer or to a flash drive.

The best way to use these files is to begin by listening to the “all parts” version several times so you can first acquaint yourself with the overall structure of the piece. 

Next, focus on learning your individual part with the appropriate separated voice file.  When you listen to your individual part the first few times, you may also need to watch your score.  In pieces where different voices weave in and out, I have left enough of the other voice parts in the midi so that you can figure out the timing for your entry.

Finally, play the “all parts” file again.  Test yourself to see if you can sing your part while all the voices are playing together. 

If you have questions about or problems with these files (or if you need help in making your own files using one of the Finale programs), contact Dr. Karen Kuralt at

Learning midis for Fall 2009:

Autumn Bird — R. Graham

Stanzas for Music – R. Henderson

Go Where I Send Thee! — arr. Caldwell/Ivory

Ave verum corpus — E. Daley

Dancing Day cycle — arr. J. Rutter

Angelus ad Virginem

For a translation of the first and third verses of this song, visit The Hymns and Carols of Christmas website.

A Virgin Most Pure

Personent Hodie

For a close (but not exact) translation of this song, visit The Hymns and Carols of Christmas website. 

There Is No Rose

Coventry Carol