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Vocal Arts

Haydn’s Te Deum and Handel’s Messiah

This page contains resources for choir members preparing to perform either Haydn’s Te Deum or Handel’s Messiah.

Scroll down to find the notes from the UALR Community Chorus’s Fall 2009 rehearsals, as well as links to midi files for both Te Deum and Messiah, a translation for the Te Deum text, and recommended recordings that you can use to practice between rehearsals.

Fall 2009 Rehearsal Notes

December 3: Handel’s Messiah — all movements reviewed; performance handout distributed

November 19: Handel’s Messiah — movements 4 (And the Glory of the Lord), 7 (And He Shall Purify), 9 (O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion), 12 (For Unto Us a Child Is Born), 17 (Glory to God), and 21 (His Yoke Is Easy)

In addition, Dr. Keating has announced the results for the Nov. 19 soloist auditions.  For details, please visit the Messiah auditions webpage. 

November 5: Haydn’s Te Deum — all pages reviewed

Performance Notes handout: This handout describes our times, procedures, and concert attire requirements for the evening of the Nov. 12 concert. 

October 29: Haydn’s Te Deum — all pages reviewed; Handel’s Messiah — movements 4 (And the Glory of the Lord), 17 (Glory to God), and 21 (His Yoke Is Easy)

Supplementary Te Deum midis for altos:

These midis are designed to help the altos fix our problem spot on the top of p. 15 (Per singulos dies).  The midis run from measure 103 on p. 12 to measure 115 on p. 13.  Practice first with the slow alto-only midi, aiming for pitch accuracy.  Then work with the performance speed alto-only midi, and then finally practice singing the alto line against the soprano line at performance speed.

October 22: Haydn’s Te Deum — review of pp. 6-23; Handel’s Messiah — movements 7 (And He Shall Purify) and 17 (Glory to God)

October 15: Haydn’s Te Deum — review of pp. 12-23; Handel’s Messiah — movements 4 (And the Glory of the Lord) and 7 (And He Shall Purify)

October 8: Haydn’s Te Deum — all pages; Handel’s Messiah — movements 4, 7, 9, 12, and 21

October 1: Haydn’s Te Deum — all pages

September 24: Haydn’s Te Deum — pages 8-13 and 18-23

September 17: Haydn’s Te Deum — pages 3-10 and 18-23

September 10: Haydn’s Te Deum — pages 3-11 and 16-20 (measures 130-161)

September 3: Haydn’s Te Deum — pages 3-11 (Rehearsals A & B)

August 27: Haydn’s Te Deum — pages 3-9, plus notes on marking the score

Learning MIDIs

Visit the CyberBass choral website (see links below) to listen to free audio files that contain your part. 

The site has been modified since last spring, and the files are no longer downloadable. You must use the player provided within the browser window to listen to them.  However, the built-in player will allow you to slow down the playback as much as you need to so that you can clearly hear each note — very useful for practicing those elaborate runs.

Please be aware that the midis for Te Deum were generated based on a different edition of the score than the one we are using.  For the most part, the scores are identical, but occasionally a measure or two of the midis will feature slightly different timing and note placement than what is shown in our score.  The rehearsal notes will indicate to you where those differences occur.  Whenever there is a discrepancy, sing what is on the page in your score, not what is in the midi.  There are no discrepancies in the midis for Messiah.

For $25, you can also purchase a CD from the CyberBass site that will work in your car or stereo, payable through PayPal. 

Recommended Recordings

Dr. Keating recommends the 1990 version of Haydn’s Te Deum, conducted by Trevor Pinnock and performed by The English Concert Choir as the recording most similar to the sound that our choir will be working to produce.  You can purchase the entire CD from this page at

For Messiah, Dr. Keating recommends that you choose CDs recorded after 1990. Recordings featuring The English Consort, the Cambridge Choir, the Westminster Choir, and the Shaw Festival Singers are all excellent. 

Te Deum Translation

To sing Haydn’s Te Deum with appropriate expression, you should familiarize yourself with the English translation of the text.  The Latin text with English translation provided by Wikipedia is especially useful.

Updated 8.29.2010