University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Whether it's studying in another country (or three), interning at one of the world's largest data companies, or hosting a TV show, UALR students are getting a jump on their future. See how »

  • Brook Scalzo

    Brook Scalzo
  • Trevor Collins

    Trevor Collins
  • Brice Smith

    Brice Smith
  • Miguel Alvarez

    Miguel Alvarez
  • CallieBradford

    Callie Bradford

    Major: Media production with emphasis in motion pictures
    Quote: “I love to write. That’s the biggest reason I want to go to movies. You can go to distant galaxies and make it look real.”

  • clarkharris

    Clark Harris

    Major: English
    Hometown: Little Rock
    Quote: “I love to write, and I believe it’s essential for everyone to find their voice.”

  • Furonda Brasfield

    Furonda Brasfield

    Major: Law
    Hometown: Stuttgart
    Quote: “It’s not just about learning the law, it’s about learning how you’re going to be an asset to your community once you know the law.”

  • kirsten elliot

    Kirsten Elliot

    Name: Kirsten Elliot
    Hometown: Sherwood
    Quote: “In Arkansas, about seven in 10 kids don’t read proficiently. We think that’s a terrible problem and we want to solve it ….”

  • Erika

    Erika Bowsher

    Name: Erika Bowsher
    Major: German and international studies
    Quote: “I’m really interested in traveling. I’ve been abroad a few times already, and I’d like to continue doing that.”

  • Lance Lippig

    Lance Lippig

    Name: Lance Lippig
    Major: Engineering
    Quote: “It’s been nice to learn more about the college this way and has been a unique opportunity that, without CLC, I might not have had.”

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    Name: David Johnson
    Major: Physics
    Quote: “To me, there’s a beauty in physics. To quote some famous scientists, ‘physics really is the poetry of reality.’”

  • Emily Bruner

    Emily Bruner

    MAJOR: Theater
    AT UALR: CLC, Greek life
    QUOTE: “I don’t like a half-baked job; I’m generally the person going the extra mile for the people in my life.”

  • Mackie O'Hara

    Mackie O’Hara

    Hometown: Little Rock
    Major: Anthropology
    At UALR: Donaghey Scholar
    Achievements Found a 2-million-year old foot bone in South Africa

  • Wendy Lyons

    Wendy Lyons

    Name: Wendy Lyons
    Hometown: Little Rock
    Major: Triple major in small business management, accounting, and professional and technical writing

  • Marita McNair

    Marita McNair

    Future: Working for a think tank.
    Hometown: Kalamazoo, Mich.
    At UALR: Pre-law society, history honors society, non-traditional student organization

  • Neva Rendel

    Neva Randel

    Major: Criminal justice
    Interests: Tactical training and target shooting
    Quote: “In high school, I always said that I was going to be a FBI agent.”

  • Spencer Lloyd

    Spencer Lloyd

    Hometown: Bryant
    Likes: Singing and performing
    Quote: “Music is something I am comfortable with and want to do with the rest of my life.”

  • christopher pettigrew

    Christopher Pettigrew

    Major: Nursing
    Hometown: Pine Bluff
    Interests: Helping children
    Quote: “Children need advocates. They need someone to give them a voice.”

  • Asad Akhter

    Asad Akhter

    Major:Biology and Chemistry
    Likes: Presenting science research at national conferences
    At UALR: SGA Senator of the Year 2012 and a University Science Scholar.

  • Wesley Baltimore

    Wesley Baltimore

    Major: Speech pathology and audiology
    Likes: Helping others communicate
    Quote: “I want to be part of that process that helps people have better communication.”

  • Carlos Sepulveda

    Carlos Sepulveda

    Major: Economics
    Hometown: Little Rock
    Future plans: Possibly a master’s degree in public health services to become a patient advocate

  • Kari Payton

    Kari Payton

    Major: Systems Engineering
    Hometown: Bastrop, La.
    Interests: Math, intramural sports
    At UALR: Baptist College Ministry, Donaghey Scholar

  • kayleigh

    Kayleigh Richards

    Major: Spanish
    Interests: Study abroad, serving others
    Quote: “Going into situations where anything could happen, it pushes me and my boundaries are definitely stretched.”

  • brice

    Brice Smith

    Major: Information science
    Hometown: Fordyce
    At UALR: Intern at Acxiom, president of student club, the Society of Computing and Information Science

  • Vivian

    Vivien-Sara Fechner

    Major: Photography
    Hometown: Berlin, Germany
    At UALR: Leads a diverse group of students as president of UALR’s International Club, Donaghey Scholar

  • Emily

    Emily Thacker

    Major: Social Work
    Hometown: Texarkana
    Interests: Exploring Little Rock, helping girls feel empowered
    At UALR: Student worker in EIT

  • Miguel

    Miguel Alvarez

    Major: Engineering Technology (Mechanical)
    Hometown: Chicago
    Interests: LULAC, LR Toastmasters Club

  • Porntip Israsena

    Porntip Israsena

    Major: International Relations, Spanish
    Hometown: North Little Rock
    Interests: Studying other cultures
    At UALR: Three-time study abroad student, Donaghey Scholar

  • brook

    Brook Scalzo

    Major: Nursing (online)
    Interests: Performing, teaching improv
    At UALR: Walker Scholarship recipient
    In Little Rock: Nurse at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

  • Trevor

    Trevor Collins

    Major: E-Commerce
    Hometown: Maumelle
    Interests: Video production, web design
    At UALR: University TV, EAST Scholar, Trojan ambassador

  • CheNesia Brown

    Chenesia Brown

    Major: Criminal Justice
    Mission: Ensure justice for everyone
    Quote: “If you don’t like something, then change it. In order to change the system, you have to become part of the system.”

  • Miguel Alvarez

    “Studying engineering has given me a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth,” he said. “And as a quality engineer intern at Caterpillar Inc., I am gaining valuable work experience before I even finish my degree.”

  • Trevor Collins

    “The connection among UALR students, staff, and faculty is strong and family-friendly. The university offered a home away from home.”

  • Brook Scalzo

    “The program allows you to work with several hospitals throughout central Arkansas and determine which environment is right for you,” she said. “The professors work hard to make sure that you are prepared and confident to join the workforce.”

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