University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Callie Bradford

  • Major:

    Media production with emphasis in motion pictures

  • Hometown:

    Little Rock

  • Quote:

    “I’ve always been imaginative, and I love to write. That’s the biggest reason I want to go to movies. You can go to distant galaxies and make it look real.”


Could UALR Junior Callie Bradford be the next Steven Spielberg or George Lucas?

At age 15, Bradford had an epiphany while studying the behind-the-scenes outtakes on a DVD she was watching.

“Suddenly it hit me that I want to be a part of that. I suddenly realized this is what I want to do with my life,” she said.

Today, Bradford is majoring in media production with an emphasis in motion pictures at UALR.

“I’ve always loved movies — you can go anywhere and do anything in the movies,” she said.  “They have always made me feel happy, victorious or sad. I’ve always wanted to make other people feel that same way.”

Bradford is enrolled in a relatively new series of classes offered in the School of Mass Communication at UALR, which gives students such as her an opportunity to prepare for careers in filmmaking.

Among her favorite professors are Dr. Jon Mark Giese and David Weekly, who provide “hands on” courses.

“I very much like to do instead of just sitting and hearing about it, so I appreciate the teaching styles of both of these professors,” she said.

Bradford came to UALR because of her choice in majors and the proximity to home.

“I’m so glad UALR has this degree. It’s exactly what I want to do, and I didn’t have to move way off to get it,” she said. “It’s tailor made to behind-the-scenes filmmakers, which is exactly what I wanted.”

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