University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Spencer Lloyd

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    Singing and performing

It may seem surprising that 19-year-old Spencer Lloyd, a sophomore business major, has career aspirations that revolve around his passion for music.

“A lot of people are asking me ‘why would a business major help you?’ But business and finance and management all affect music and a business major major will help me manage the other side of entertainment.”

Lloyd may just need that business background, now that he has received a golden ticket to Hollywood on Season 13 of the popular hit reality show, “American Idol.”

His passion for music began when his mom encouraged him to serve as music worship leader at his church when he was about 14 years old.

“Since then it has been constant striving to get better and has brought me to point where I am today,” he said. “Music is something I am comfortable with and want to do with the rest of my life.”

Lloyd was presented with a Chancellor’s Leadership Scholarship, which required him to live on campus his freshman year, something he does not regret.

“It was a different experience. I had never really been away from home before,” he said. “The new dorms are really nice, and it’s really cool being able to bond with other students on a different level.”

Lloyd concluded, “UALR kind of brings us all together and allows you to meet people you wouldn’t have (otherwise) met.”

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