Policies, Procedures, and Fees

Instrumentation Fees

To compensate for ongoing instrumentation maintenance, CINS charges minimal fees for instrumentation use. Please download the current rates for equipment usage.

CINS Rules and Guidelines

No one may use any CINS instrument without the approval of Dr. Fumiya Watanabe, Director of Instrumentation.

All users must adhere to the Rules and Guidelines of the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences at UA Little Rock. Violation of these rules may lead to the suspension of your usage rights indefinitely. Our primary concern is your safety and the safety of our equipment.

Please read the rules and guidelines document carefully, as it contains sensitive information, including information on Intellectual Property rights.

Prior to approval and certification for instrument use, ALL applicants/users must complete and submit these forms:

Users from outside of UA Little Rock must also complete the External User section (p. 3) of the User Information Form above.

Note: Non-UA system users must also carry proof of Accidental Insurance from their institution/organization/company.

Users must also be very familiar with the UA Little Rock health and safety regulations prior to using the CINS facility:

All users are required to complete the UA Little Rock General Laboratory Safety Training or CINS Laboratory Safety Training. Users must be certified by approved CINS staff and approved by Dr. Watanabe before they can access an instrument. The CINS staff also provide guidance, consultation, and collaboration in the analysis of materials. In some cases, additional training may be required. Please contact Dr. Watanabe at or (501) 683-7456 to discuss the certification process.