Nanotechnology for Health Care Conference, September 26-29, at the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute on Petit Jean Mountain

ScienceSkills 032 (2)Students from the University Science Scholars Program visited CINS on Thursday afternoon. The group of students, from Dr. Jim Winter’s freshman Science Skills class toured the facilities, and were able to see many of the staff researchers at work.

Researchers Dr. Enkeleda Dervishi, Dr. Shawn Bourdo, and Dr. Ganesh Kannarpady, and Ph.D. student Lamya Mohammed Saeed, briefed the students about ongoing projects, and applications of nanotechnology in society; the students were also informed about opportunities to work in the labs and encouraged explore their interests within the science field.

A key element in CINS’s overall vision to promote excellence in research, education, and development is to train and educate young people, who will serve and attract business and industry to Arkansas. The University Science Scholars Program is a scholarship and enrichment program for UALR students majoring in biology, chemistry and earth science.


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