Thanks to visionaries in Arkansas government, UALR received approval to spend $5.9 million in Arkansas General Improvement funds to establish the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences. With the funding received in March of 2006, CINS has already filed several patent applications related to new nanotechnology breakthroughs and has purchased state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment that catapults our research efforts to world class status. The $5.9 million investment from the Arkansas State Government has already produced $6.8 million in new additional grant funding from the federal government and will continue to bring in more resources that will deepen and expand our research efforts. With CINS, Arkansas is well poised to take advantage of this exciting new world of economic opportunities and capitalize on nanotechnology breakthroughs discovered at UALR and other universities throughout the state. Sharing the brain power of academic and corporate partners throughout the State of Arkansas and its national and global network of partners and collaborators, the Nanotechnology Center is a state-of-the-art, user-oriented facility focused on research, education , and economic development.

Mission Statement

Advance the science of Nanotechnology through research and outreach and accelerate technological innovations into practical applications for society.



Conduct World Class Research

Researchers from CINS and its partners have already started the process of producing patent applications for breakthroughs in carbon nanotube synthesis, tissue engineering, mixing technology, cancer treatment, solar energy etc. One of the key objectives for accelerating world class research is to provide access to state-of-the art instruments, equipment, and facilities to academia and industry. More so, we are determined in our efforts to develop scientific collaborations with different academic institutions, national research institutes, and industry in Arkansas, the nation, and the world. One of our key objectives is to be able to, through our instruments and collaborations, to increase the ability of academia to obtain competitive grants and boost the ability of businesses to increase their market competitiveness.

Support Education through Outreach

Through its partnerships statewide, CINS is constantly expanding its outreach network to introduce Arkansas middle and high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students to Nanotechnology and science & technology related careers with the purpose of creating tomorrow’s workforce. One of our main objectives is to increase student enrollment in science and technology educational programs. We also hope to educate the public at large on the field of Nanotechnology and its benefits to society.

Foster Economic Development

CINS was also set up with the purpose of acting as a catalyst in today’s knowledge based economy. The field of Nanotechnology is generally regarded as having potential for ‘high-impact’ on both economy and society. Therefore successes in research will most likely translate into high economic impact. Products of CINS – such as patented and innovative technologies – will provide the opportunity to develop new businesses that will foster demand for new high-tech jobs in the state. The creation of high-paying jobs for Arkansans will gather speed through a focus on commercialization and start-up companies.

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