The range of research opportunities facing the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences and its collaborative partners is truly unlimited. CINS researchers focus on cutting edge research areas ranging from energy; novel materials; anti-icing coatings; anticounterfeit taggants; sensors and antennas; tissue engineering composites; and novel cancer therapies. Some of the major developments include:

  • Development of new nanostructural composite materials with applications in sensors, nanoelectronics, and nanocomputing
  • Creation of new polymeric nanocomposite materials with reduced surface energy and low friction
  • Development of new nanostructural materials for tissue and bone regeneration
  • Experiments on new methods to deliver metallic nanoparticles to cancerous tissue and the inducement of apoptosis
  • Creation of nanotechnology-based sensors to detect radiation, gases, and explosives, etc.

These  achievements are categorized in three synergistic and overlapping research directions:

1. Synthesis and development of highly specialized nanomaterials

2. Micro-Nano Thin Film Deposition

3. Nanomedicine

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