Publications in 2007

  1. Jianhui Zhang, Huaiyong Liu, Zhenlin Wang, Naiben Ming, Zhongrui Li, and Alexandru S. Biris. “Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Directed Crystallization of ZnO with Tunable Morphology and Band Gap”. Advanced Functional materials, 17, 3897-3905, 2007. Go to Article
  2. Zhongrui Li, Alexandru S. Biris, Enkeleda Dervishi, Viney Saini, Yang Xu, Alexandru R. Biris, Dan Lupu. “Influence of impurities on the XPS and Raman spectra of single-wall carbon nanotubes”. Journal of Chemical Physics, 127, 54713, 2007. Go to Article
  3. Zhongrui Li, Hom R. Kandel, Enkeleda Dervishi, Viney Saini, Alexandru S. Biris, Alexandru R. Biris, Dan Lupu. “Does the wall number of carbon nanotube matter as conductive transparent material?”. Applied Physics Letters, 91, 053115, 2007. Go to Article
  4. M. K. Mazumder, R. Sharma, A. S. Biris, J. Zhang, C. Calle, M. Zahn.“Self-Cleaning Transparent Dust Shields for Protecting Solar Panels and Other Devices”. Particulate Science and Technology Journal, 25 (1), 5-21, 2007. Go to Article
  5. Saini, D.; Biris, A. S.; Srirama, P. K.; Mazumder, M. K. “Particle size and charge distribution analysis of pharmaceutical aerosols generated by inhalers”. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, 12(1), 35-41, 2007. Go to Article


  1. T. Schmitt, A. S. Biris, et al. “Analysis of Effluent Gases during the CCVD Growth of Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes from Acetylene”. Carbon, 44(1), 2032-2038, 2006. Go to Article
  2. M. K. Mazumder, R. A. Sims, A. S. Biris, P. K. Srirama, D. Saini, C. U. Yurteri, S. Trigwell, S. De, R. Sharma. “Twenty-First Century Research needs in Electrostatic Processes Applied to Industry and Medicine”. Chemical Engineering Science, 61, 2192-2211, 2006. Go to Article

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