UALR Campus Gets Greener

For over a year, UALR students, faculty, and staff have been able to recycle white paper in bins placed throughout the campus.

But beginning this week, the University’s Physical Plant has expanded the paper recycling program to include more types of paper.

The campus community will now have the opportunity to recycle all types of paper, including colored paper, card stock, magazines, cardboard, and paper sacks.

The Physical Plant is also making it easier for employees to separate their regular work trash, much of which can be recycled, from food-contaminated waste, which cannot be recycled.

“We will also be trying out what is called a ‘saddle basket,’ which is a smaller trash container that will attach to your standard office trash can,” said Sandra Vail, assistant director for the UALR Physical Plant. “Food contaminated waste can be placed in this basket thus separating any food contaminated waste from the recyclable paper products.”

At the beginning of the summer semester, recycling bins for aluminum and plastic were placed in areas of high traffic to encourage students, faculty, and staff to recycle their drink cans and bottles.

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