Campus Email Transitions to Google Apps

Email accounts for all UALR employees, members of the Alumni Association, and emeritus faculty will be transitioned to Google Apps March 22. This follows the student email migration to Google in December.

Each person’s email address, username, and password will still be the same after the email transition early Monday.

All UALR email users who will switch to Google Monday will receive an email prompting them to log in to their mailbox via the UALR Mail log-in page ( or from the homepage link).

All users, including those who use Outlook or other desktop mail clients and those who forward mail to an external mail server (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail), must log in through the UALR Mail log-in page once they’ve received the email prompt to set up access preferences.

Content on the log-in page has been revised to reflect changes and potential questions related to the email changes.

The migration process has been designed so that no loss of email should occur. All new mail will be delivered to the new Google account, ensuring no interruption to email delivery.

Archived messages from the previous Sun mail system will take several days to completely migrate to the new Google email. During this time, users will be able to access archived messages on the previous Sun mail system. Instructions are on the UALR Mail log-in page.

If someone already has a separate Gmail account under the same UALR email username, such as to access Google Docs, the UALR account will become the primary address. Therefore, it is important for those individuals to change the name of their previous Google account to ensure that saved files and information are not lost.

The migration to Google has advantages. UALR email users will benefit from additional email storage — more than seven gigabytes, more spam protection, and the ability to attach files up to 25 MB. Users will be able to import address books from Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo!, and other services into the UALR email contacts.

Other Google Apps features will also be available to UALR users beginning March 22. The “Calendar” feature allows personal calendar sharing with other UALR users. “Talk” features instant messaging, and “Docs” facilitates file sharing.

Information on switching from Meeting Maker and other campus calendars to Google Calendar will be provided to UALR users soon.

Support information for Google Apps may be accessed online. If you need additional help, start by contacting your technical support representative. If you still have problems, contact the Computing Services Help Desk Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 501-916-3011.

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