Celebrate the Moon Oct. 8

Saturday, Oct. 8, is International Observe the Moon Night, and Darrell Heath, assistant lab animal technician in UALR’s Department of Biology, is organizing central Arkansas’s celebration of Earth’s only natural satellite.

Heath, a volunteer with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Solar System Ambassador program, said Little Rock’s Observe the Moon Night from 7 to 10 p.m. at Riverfront Amphitheater will offer participants a look at the moon through telescopes provided by UALR physics and astronomy students and faculty. The event is free and open to the public.

The observation will follow a day of activities at the River Market, including a free showing of Ron Howard’s documentary of NASA’s Apollo Program, “In the Shadow of the Moon,” at 1 p.m. at Central Arkansas Library System’s Butler Center, a lecture to be announced, and a 5 p.m “solar system walk” through Riverfront Park. Led by Dr. Tony Hall, chair of UALR’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, the walk is designed to illustrate the real scale of Earth’s small portion within the Milky Way Galaxy.

In the event of inclement weather, outdoor activities will be canceled, and cloud cover or rain will necessarily cancel the moon observing event. For more information, contact Heath at 501-569-3512.

International Observe The Moon Night was first established last year and “consists of scientists, educators, and moon enthusiasts from government, non-profit organizations, and businesses throughout the United States and across the globe” according to their website.

“International Observe the Moon Night has created the opportunity for people to take notice of the moon’s beauty and share that experience with one another,” Heath said. “Through International Observe the Moon Night, we hope to instill in the public a sense of wonderment and curiosity about our moon… a celestial body that has influenced human lives since the dawn of time.”

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