New Fall Course to Explore Black Women’s Activism

UALR’s Department of English will offer a new course this fall that will explore how black women’s political activism is reflected in 19th and 20th century literature.

Dr. Laura Barrio-Vilar, who became a UALR faculty member July 2011, will teach the new offering, Black Women’s Activism and Literature.

“In this course, we will ask questions such as the following: what are the main issues that black women fought for through time? How does the intersection of race, gender, and class affect black women’s politics? Is the activism of black women always relegated to the public arena?” said Barrio-Vilar.

Students will be asked to examine the different types of rhetoric black women use to organize and call for action; how and with whom they establish alliances; and whether their political agenda is similar to those of white women and other women of color.

“In addition to essays, quizzes, and journal responses, one of the main assignments will have a service-learning component through which students will experience first-hand what it is like to engage in social justice activism,” Barrio-Vilar said.

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