UALR Offers Charging Station for Electric Cars

In a sign of the future, UALR has installed an electric charging station for drivers of electric cars.

Chancellor Joel E. Anderson has reached an agreement with Verdek to install a Coulomb ChargePoint charging station as part of a partnership between Verdek and Entergy to promote alternative transportation at major universities in Entergy’s service territory. Hugh McDonald, president and chief executive officer of Entergy Arkansas, suggested the installation of a charging station.

Verdek promotes sustainable transportation and is involved in the sale and installation of Coulomb ChargePoint charging stations for electric vehicles, solar panels and integrated wind, and solar carports. EV drivers will find the station in Lot 2 at UALR, just north of the tennis courts and west of Coleman Creek.

Guy Mannino of Verdek said the current electric vehicles will draw 3.3 kilowatts of power per hour of charge. The total charge would depend on the size of each individual car’s battery pack.

“For the Volt, the cost is about $1 to $1.50 and for the Leaf it is $2 to $2.50,” he said.

To take advantage of the UALR charging station, owners of electric cars would require a ChargePass RFID card that can be obtained at UALR or directly at Once the card is registered, an EV driver will be able to charge up at the UALR charging station by swiping the RFID over a designated area by the front display. When the user is authorized, the station releases the connector, and the car can be charged.

“We expect 1 million electric cars on the road in the U.S. by 2015,” Mannino said. “A strong EV charging infrastructure will be critical to facilitate a widespread use of EVs by reducing drivers’ range anxiety and thus contributing to the reduction of oil dependence.”

For more information about the charging station, visit Owners of electric cars interested in parking at UALR should contact Dave Millay, associate vice chancellor of facilities management.

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