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Student earns NSF honorable mention for green chemistry

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently accorded an honorable mention to UALR graduate student of chemistry Charlette Felton.

Considered a significant national academic achievement, the NSF award is granted from a pool of thousands of applicants from across the country who apply for its Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

Felton is working in the field of sustainable or green chemistry under the direction of Dr. Anindya Ghosh in the Department of Chemistry. Her research is focused on using environmentally safe catalysts to convert carbon dioxide into useful chemicals and products.

“The NSF’s recognition of her research is really encouraging,” said Ghosh.

“Charlette is a student of great ability and I am sure that she will be successful in her graduate studies, particularly in the field of green chemistry. I believe that she will be a leader and will promote the importance of science and technology in Arkansas.”

Applicants receiving NSF honorable mentions are provided enhanced access to cyberinfrastructure resources, including supercomputing time, in support of research toward completion of their graduate program of study.

Each applicant is reviewed according to the NSF Merit Review Criteria of Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts.

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