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UALR students get record number of LULAC scholarships

The League of United Latin American Citizens has awarded national scholarships to a record number of Latino and Hispanic students at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock this year, according to Dr. Terry Trevino-Richard, LULAC state director.

Trevino-Richard, a professor in the UALR Department of Sociology and Anthropology, said almost half of the LULAC scholarships awarded this year are going to UALR students.

“These scholarships are very important to us as a campus community and to the Latino and Hispanic students we hope to serve. It is a huge draw for UALR to attract Latinos encompassing this whole region,” he said.

The following students earned National LULAC Scholarships, which will be matched dollar-for-dollar by UALR:

  • Sandra Carmona    $2500
  • LULACMiguel Alvarez       $1000
  • Crystal Alvarez       $750

  • Ricardo Alvarez      $750

  • Yolanda Anzora     $750

  • Cynthia Arreola      $750

  • Jose Romero          $750

  • Javier Contreras     $750

  • Sandra Guadardo   $750

  • Adela Hernandez   $500

  • Callie Hernandez    $750

  • Ricardo Matamoros $750

  • Mariano Ramirez    $750
  • Elsie Reyes            $750

  • Nancy Reyes         $750
  • Ed Resendiz          $500

  • Carlos Sepulveda   $500

  • Olga Calderon        $500

As the largest advocacy group in the U.S., LULAC offers scholarships for Latino students at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate levels through its National Educational Service Centers.

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