UALR on ‘A’ List

An online encyclopedia of higher education has ranked UALR in the top 29 across all schools in the U.S., and number seven in the South.

UALR Student Services Center placed UALR on its “A-list” in the category of national universities, based on academic quality, affordability, and accessibility.

The College Altas A-List provides an “unbiased look at the whole concept of a college ranking list,” according to its publishers.

The algorithm created by the organization eschews exclusive and often expensive schools and instead uses a new ranking methodology “to shine a spotlight on universities that otherwise might get lost in the shuffle.”

The new ranking system results in a lineup based on schools that provide academic and economic value to students, while admitting a relatively high percentage of applicants.

Academic quality is weighted at 45 percent, derived from the school’s category and rank in the U.S. News Top Colleges rankings.

The next highest factor is affordability, comprising 30 percent of the calculation, based on in-state tuition. The majority of students will pay under $10,000 for in-state tuition and under $15,000 for out-of state tuition at most A-List schools.

The acceptance rate comprises 20 percent of the school’s rating. Enrollment is five percent of the school’s score. Many of the A-List schools accept more than 80 percent of the students who apply, with some schools approaching 100 percent.

Schools with larger student enrollments gained a small benefit from the calculation due to their ability to admit and educate large numbers of students.

The A-List calculation has additional mathematical adjustments that reward schools for meeting certain thresholds within each evaluation factor.

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