UALR mobile app updates for iPad, iPhone

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has released updates to its iPhone mobile app and for the first time is offering an iPad platform that is a full stand-alone app of its own.

app1New features in the updated version of the UALR mobile app for iPad and iPhone include a brand new design and the ability to stream the KUAR radio station, according to Erica Roy of UALR’s Information Technology Services. In addition, users are able to search the UALR course catalog using the app.

“The course catalog is the full catalog that allows users to search for courses, see the professor’s name, and meeting times,” said Roy.

“In the iPad version, students also get to preview how their schedule would look by adding the course to their calendar and seeing any conflicts with other courses they have scheduled.”

Roy said this update also allows users to see if campus food courts are open or closed. The UALR tour located on the UALR recruitment website is found in the app, as well.

In addition, a feature called Blackboard Polls introduces location-based surveys, enabling professors to create an impromptu quiz with students in their classrooms.

The app also includes cross linking so that if a user searches for a course and a professor is listed, it will connect to the professor’s contact information in the directory module.

“There is still augmented reality,” said Roy. “This allows students to find buildings by opening their app and connecting. It displays all buildings in the vicinity of where the user is.”

Updates to the mobile app for Android users are expected soon, according to Roy.

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