UALR students head to National University Model Arab League in D.C.

Nineteen UALR students will participate in the National University Model Arab League Conference, held at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., from March 28 to 30.

During the conference, the students will have the opportunity to meet with the Iraqi ambassador to the United States in the Iraqi Embassy. They will be accompanied by Dr. Rebecca Glazier, assistant professor of political science at UALR.

Vic Beth Alic
UALR students Victoria Medina, Beth Kanopsic, and Alic Brown compete in Houston earlier in the semester

Earlier in the semester, the students also participated in the Bilateral Model Arab League Conference, hosted by the University of Houston. UALR represented the countries of Kuwait and Iraq and won awards for Honorable Mention Delegation.

The students also conducted their own conference at UALR in February for regional high schools. The annual event showed record participation, with more than 100 students from seven high schools in four cities visiting the campus for the conference.

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