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Have a student achievement? We want to know

As another academic year begins, the UALR Office of Communications welcomes new and returning students, and wants to showcase students’ achievements throughout the year.

UALR's merit pages

Through the use of an online distribution service called Merit, UALR is able to create “Merit Pages” to promote and verify the accomplishments of its students. Some examples of officially recognizable student achievements include earning a scholarship, making the Chancellor’s or Dean’s List, or even studying abroad.

Upon earning an achievement, UALR will notify the student through Merit. The only requirement for the student to “claim” their achievement and start using their Merit page is to opt in using the link sent to them via their UALR email address.

Students can make their Merit Page more valuable when they enhance it by adding clubs, internships, and jobs to showcase their experiences and involvement.

In addition, UALR uses Merit to efficiently distribute news releases about student achievements to hometown newspapers. UALR joins more than 100 colleges and universities around the country that use the service, which also provides a platform for sharing accomplishments with family and friends through social media channels.

Current student accomplishments can be viewed at UALR’s Merit page.

Students may contact Keli Jacobi at kcjacobi@ualr.edu or 501.569.3261 for more information.

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