‘Observe the Moon’ night scheduled in Argenta Sept. 6

What is not made of cheese and is only 1.3 light seconds away? Of course it’s the moon, Earth’s closest celestial neighbor.

Sept. 6 marks the fifth annual International Observe the Moon Night, when people across the globe turn their gaze skywards and pay tribute to our only natural satellite.Observe the Moon

The Argenta Downtown Council will make the moon accessible to anyone who wants to view the lunar landscape during a free and family friendly event that runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 6, at the corner of Sixth and Main Streets in the Argenta District in North Little Rock.

Area residents are encouraged to dine at one of several Argenta district restaurants, or grab a bite from a food truck, and then be transported to another world by gazing through a telescope.

The event is a partnership with the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, the UALR Physics and Astronomy Department, and The Launch Pad of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub.

In case of inclement weather or clouds forecasted for Sept. 6, the event will be moved to Friday, Sept. 5.

International Observe the Moon Night began as an educational outreach event from multiple astronomical organizations with 300 events in more than 40 different countries.

For more information, call Darrell Heath at 501.569.3512 or email info@caasastro.org.

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