Quality Matters At UALR

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) is committed to ensuring faculty excellence and student success in all of our online courses.  As part of that commitment, we embrace Quality Matters (QM), a nationally recognized program to provide guidance to faculty teaching online and an official methodology for certifying the quality of online courses taught at the University.

Quality Matters is a nationally recognized faculty-centered peer review process that utilizes a rubric for assessing online instructional design and instruction based on current research and best practices.  With eight general categories and forty-one specific standards, the QM Rubric provides one of the highest standards developed for online and hybrid course evaluations.

The following faculty have received Quality Matters certification for their online courses:

Nita Copeland, Kinesiology, (HSCI 3402)

Eileen Turan, Introduction to Visual Arts, (ARHA 2305)

Dr. Linda Holzer, Piano Pedagogy and Literature, (MUED 3302)

Dr. Patricia Edwards Schafer, Integration of Concept, (NURS 4530)

Dr. Robert Mitchell, Advance PC Applications (MGMT 3352)

Dr. Belinda Blevins-Kanabe, Developmental Psychology (PSYC 3356)

Dr. Margaret Scranton, American National Government (POLS 1310)

Dr. Carol Thompson, Communication Difference (SPCH 4313)

Dr. Eric Elder, Business Statistics, (ECON 2310) and Quantative Business Analysis (ECON 3355)

Congratulations to these faculty for their dedication to providing our online students with an exceptional educational experience!

For more information and ways to get involved visit Quality Matters.