What it Costs

Undergraduate Tuition Rates (per credit hour)
Undergraduate Resident Per Semester Credit Hour $197.32
Undergraduate Non-Resident Per Semester Credit Hour $546.50
Undergraduate Resident COB/EIT $210.50
 Undergraduate Non-Resident COB/EIT  $567.00
Graduate Tuition Rates (per credit hour)
Graduate Resident Per Semester Credit Hour $284.50
Graduate Non-Resident Per Semester Credit Hour $651.50
Graduate Resident COB/EIT $294.50
Graduate Non-Resident COB/EIT $651.50
Mandatory Fees (per credit hour)
Facilities (excluding Law School) $7.00
General $18.00
Athletic $16.66
Health Services $2.20
Technology Infrastructure $2.75
Application Processing (1st Time Applicant) $40.00
Re-application Processing (Per re-application) $15.00
College Technology Fees (per credit hour)
Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences $8.10
Business $8.10
Education $8.10
Engineering and Information Technology $11.90
Professional Studies $8.10
Science and Mathematics $12.30
Off-Campus (includes web based) $25.00


Financial Aid

For information about Undergraduate Financial Aid, click here. 

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For additional information about financial aid eligibility, visit the Net Price Calculator.


Applying for scholarships at UALR is a quick and easy process. Many scholarships are awarded based on an admissions application, ACT or SAT scores, scholarship application, and official high school transcript. Eligibility does not guarantee a scholarship, and awards are determined annually based on eligible applications and available funding. Please see the scholarship application for complete eligibility requirements.

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