2017-2018 Application for Undergraduate and Graduate Student Conference Travel Awards

Guidelines for 2017 – 2018 Undergraduate and Graduate  Student Conference Travel Awards

A. Summary

The conference student travel awards are for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research and creative activity in conferences.  Funds for graduate student travel are provided by the Graduate Student Association (GSA), and are supplemented by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.  Graduate student travel awards are made by the GSA. The travel funds for undergraduate students are made available by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (VPR) and awards are made by the VPR in consultation with the College Deans.

B. Requirements
Applications and supporting documents must be submitted online. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.  In addition to the online application, the following documents must be submitted for consideration:

  1. Proof of Conference Acceptance
    If the proof is not available at the time of application, then submit proof of conference submission. However, if an award is made, the proof of acceptance will be required before funds are made available.
  2. Abstract
  3. Letter of Support from advisor/faculty mentor


C. Things to do before application is submitted

      Student researcher

  1. Identify a faculty mentor. For graduate students, it will typically be your project/thesis/dissertation advisor.
  2. Discuss with mentor your plan for attending the conference, and ask him/her to write a reference letter.
  3. Collect all necessary documents to complete the application.
    Please complete the online application by the priority deadline (see Section G below)

      Faculty Mentor

  1. Write a reference letter for the student and give it to the student to upload along with application.


D. Notification of award

The applicant, faculty mentor and the department Chair will be notified of the award. For those awardees who were not able to provide proof of conference acceptance at the time of submission this must be provided before the award is made. The attached rubric will be used as guide to decide on the awardees.


E. Things to do after being notified of award

Faculty mentor and Department

If the student receives an award, the faculty mentor and the department are expected to assist the student in having an approved Travel Authorization on file with the faculty’s department prior to the student’s travel and an approved TR1 (after travel is completed) on file with the department within 5 business days upon return from the travel.

Student researcher

The student researcher is traveling to a conference as a representative of the university. He/she is required to complete a Travel Authorization (TA) form prior to travel, a class trip authorization form and complete a travel reimbursement form (TR1) within 5 business days upon return from the travel. The travel authorization also documents the portion of the travel costs that will be reimbursed by the university. The reimbursement will not be made if the TA and TR1 are not completed. For help in completing these forms, see the section under “Faculty mentor and Department”.


F. Disbursement of Funds

The department needs to send the Travel Authorization (TA) to LIB 501B (Attn: Vice Provost for Research) or emailed to Kristi Wright (klwright1@ualr.edu) for FOAPAL and onward transmittal of the TA to Procurement.

G. Priority Deadlines

Travel window between July 1 and December 31
Submission of application: April 30 prior to travel window
Announcement of awardees: May 15 prior to travel window

Travel between January 1 and June 30
Submission of application: September 30 prior to travel window
Announcement of awardees: October 15 prior to travel window


 Note that application submitted by the priority deadlines will be assured of full consideration. Applications can be submitted after the priority deadline as well and will be considered if funds are available.

H. Participation in UA Little Rock Research and Creative Works Expo

Awardees are required to participate in the UA Little Rock Research and Creative Works Expo.

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