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Research and Sponsored Programs

Effort Certification

Effort Certification (Time & Effort)

Beginning in January 2014, Time & Effort certifications must be approved online in BOSS.

The system will be available for certification on February 1, 2014. All effort reports must be certified by March 2, 2014.

Since Effort Certification is required by the federal government of all federally sponsored projects, there will be penalties for not certifying by March 2, 2014.

The purpose of the online system is to make it easier for employees and principal investigators to certify their effort on projects and to ensure that reports are accurate and completed in a timely manner.

All employees paid through federal grants, Principal Investigators, and Unit Administrators are required to attend a training session on Effort Certification. Each individual is only required to attend one session.

Graduate assistants are not required to certify an effort report. Their Principal Investigators will certify the effort report for them.

Serious consequences may occur for not completing an effort report.
Thus, multiple reminders will be issued:
1. An email will be sent to all employees, PIs, and Unit Administrators when an effort report is available to be certified and/or review.
2. An email reminder will be sent if the effort report has not been certified after one week.
3. An email will be sent to the Dean listing the names of the employees in their college who have not certified their effort reports after two weeks.
4. An email will be sent to the Provost listing the names of the employees who have not certified their effort reports after three weeks.

After 30 days deadline, the following penalties will be imposed for not completing an effort report:
First offense
Indirect cost distribution to the PI, Department and Dean will be held until the certification is completed.

Second offense
A 5% non-compliance fee will be imposed to the existing cash balance of the designated fund associated with the PI and Department.

Effort Certification User Guide

Effort Certification Workshop
Several sessions will be offered to assist you in utilizing the system.

The session will be hands-on and will allow employees to review and certify their time and effort online.The following topics will be covered in the Effort Certification workshop:
- Effort Certification Regulation
- Update on Policy and Procedures
- Penalties for non-compliance
- Reviewing and Certifying Time & Effort online
- Timeline

Multiple sessions are offered to accommodate your schedule. If you are not able to attend one of the sessions, please let us know your availability, and we will work with your schedule. We recommend PIs, Unit Administrators, and employees working on the same grant attend a session together, if possible.
To register for a session, you may use the online registration form, email (cxlaurentia), or call Christina Laurentia (501-569-3366).

All sessions will be held in Ross Hall 410 Computer Lab.
Effort Certification Workshop (all sessions are closed and will reopen in May for Spring 2014 certification.

Updated 2.20.2014