The following policies regulate and inform extramural funding and sponsored programs at UALR. All principal investigators and funding-seekers should read them and check back regularly for policy updates.

Requirement to Submit Proposals and to Receive Awards for Grants and Contracts through the University
This policy states that all proposals must be submitted to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at least five days before the sponsor’s deadline. In addition, all awards must be accepted through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Indirect Cost Recovery Policy
This policy states what percent of recovered indirect costs must be allocated to certain expenditures.

Indirect Costs (Facilities and Administrative Costs) Agreement(PDF)
This document states UALR’s current F&A rates, agreed upon with the Federal Government. 

Indirect Costs (F&A) Reduction/Waiver Requests for Sponsored Programs
This policy describes the conditions under which a waiver or reduction of finance and administration (indirect) costs will be permitted and the requirements for requesting the reduction or waiver of these costs associated with a sponsored program.

Monitoring Expenditures on Sponsored Agreements
This policy provides general guidelines for the proper justification and required approval of charges applied to sponsored accounts.

Faculty and Non-Classified Professional Staff Salary Funding Incentive Plan
This policy describes the details, rules, and regulations of the Faculty and Non-Classified Professional Staff Salary Funding Incentive Plan, which allows cash incentives to faculty and non-classified professional staff who secure funding for their academic year salary from extramural sources.

Lapsed salaries and grant release salaries
This policy explains the disbursement of lapsed salaries, grant release salaries, and indirect costs.

Responsible Conduct of Research
This policy states, defines, and explains UALR’s rules and standards for researchers and research work.

Academic and Research Integrity
This policy defines the standards for graduate student academic and research integrity, as well as the ramifications if these standards are violated.

Tax Exempt Status Clause (PDF)
This official memo defines UALR’s tax-exempt status. 

Delegation of Signatory Authority
This policy states who has authority to sign on behalf of UALR on proposals and agreements. 

Conflict of Interest Policy
This policy describes the requirement for UALR faculty and staff to adequately disclose conflicts of interest and the method for resolving such conflicts.