Jason Fishel

Jason Fishel
Office: Stabler Hall, Room 307B
Phone: 501-569-3013
Email: jlfishel@ualr.edu

Jason Fishel joined the Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies at UALR in Fall 2013. Jason continues working on his Ph.D. and expects to defend his dissertation at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, during the academic year 2013-14.

Jason specializes in biomedical ethics and environmental ethics, with current research focusing on developing a theory of sustainable medicine. Papers in progress concern the anthropocentric justifications for a sustainable medicine, the nonanthropocentric justifications for sustainable medicine, and in particular developing a globally focused theory of sustainable medicine that allows for the various contextual differences that exist in the levels of technology and economy based upon the theory of sustainability first developed by John Nolt. Beyond work in biomedical and environmental ethics, Jason’s broader interests include philosophy of religion, free will and moral responsibility, applied ethics more generally, and metaethics.