Career Opportunities

If you choose to seek employment immediately after earning your baccalaureate degree in physics, the UALR program prepares you for a wide variety of positions. The diverse nature of our program makes our graduates highly sought after in modern industries. Other opportunities include research and design positions, quality control and product testing, mathematical and computer modeling, and sales of technical equipment.

Physicists are also playing a significant role in medical instrumentation and health care delivery. They are needed to operate a multitude of clinical equipment found in hospitals, or
 to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients using nuclear radiation, x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound techniques.

Physicists and engineers can often be found working side by side. Because UALR physics majors are highly trained in experimental techniques, mathematical analysis and computation, they have the knowledge base and flexibility to meet numerous career challenges. Some common job titles that UALR graduates hold include:

- Research Physicist (in government and private industry)

- Engineering Physicist

- Planetarium Director

- Computer Programmer

- Space Scientist

- Optical Engineer

- Research and Development Specialist

- High School Physics Teacher


With long term career development or an advanced degree, you could become a:

- University Professor

- Research Astronomer

- Computer and Electronics Engineer

- Medical Physicist

- Plant Manager

- Government Administrator