Faculty Research / Faculty Web Sites


  • Dr. A. Adams’s Home Page.
  • Dr. A. Adams has interests in optical properties of biological tissue, biophysics, aerosol science and technology, physics education and physics education research, laser safety.

  • Dr. W. Braithwaite’s Research Site
  • Dr. Braithwaite is a Professor Emeritus of Physics and Astronomy. This is his website that showcases the numerous papers he’s published.

  • Dr. Chen’s Research Site
  • Dr. Tar-pin Chen’s research involves nanometer devices and materials. His group is working on characterizing and making insulator for high transition temperature superconductor-insulator-superconductor Josephson junction (SIS junction). The thickness of the SIS junction should be thinner than 4 nanometers, yet provide sufficient potential barrier for the junction.

  • Dr. Cui’s Nano Research Site
  • Dr. Cui’s research is focused on nanomaterials and nanotechnology, especially nanofabrication, semiconducting nanostructures, photonic nanowire arrays, and their physical properties and applications in nano devices.

  • Dr. Seigar’s Astronomy Research Site
  • Dr. Seigar is an observational astronomer whose research is focussed on the structure and dynamics of galaxies and their dark matter halos.

  • Dr. Seo’s Research Site
  • Dr. Seo’s research involves the use of semiconducting nanostructures and films to explore a highly efficient light/electron emitting diodes and solar cell devices. Other research interests include the fundamental study of electron/ x-ray diffractions, the transport properties of materials in nano-scale, and the defect evolutions of heterostructural materials

  • Dr. Wold’s Study of Musical Acoustics
  • Dr. Wold’s study of musical acoustics includes an interest in musical instruments and their use in early music. The Aeolus Recorder Konsort of Arkansas plays medieval, renaissance, baroque, and modern music.

  • Prof. S.A. Crawshaw’s Home Page
  • The above site shows a collection of the materials that he shows while teaching labs and classes.

    The above “WordPress” site being developed from the previous “html” site:

  • Professor S.A. Crawshaw
  • This site shows a collection of the materials the above is the old .html site.