Dr. Alois J. Adams, Ph.D

Associate Professor; AB, University of Dallas; Ph.D, University of Florida.

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Dr. Tar-pin Chen, Ph.D

Professor of Physics; Ph. D, The State University of New York at Buffalo

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Dr. Tony A. Hall, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Astronomy; BS, Arkansas State University; M.S., Ph.D, Purdue University

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  • Office Location: PHYS 109
  • Office Phone: (501) 569-8968
  • Fax: (501) 569-3314
  • E-mail:  tahall@ualr.edu


Dr. Marc S. Seigar, Ph.D

Associate Professor; BSc Imperial College; MSc University of Manchester, Ph.D, Liverpool John Moores University.

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Dr. Hye-Won Seo, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Ph. D, University of Houston

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 Emeritus Faculty


Dr. Wilfred J. Braithwaite, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Physics; BS, Seattle Pacific University; MS, Ph. D, University of Washington.

E-mail: wjbraithwait@ualr.edu


Dr. Lawrence A. Coleman, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Physics; BS, Millsaps College; MS, Ph.D, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

E-mail: lcoleman@ualr.edu


Mr. Steven Crawshaw

Instructor in Physics; BA, University of Michigan, Flint; MS, Auburn University.

E-mail: sacrawshaw@ualr.edu

Dr. William E. Gran, Ph.D

Instructor Emeritus in Physics; BS, Christian Brothers College; MS, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

E-mail: wegran@ualr.edu


Dr. Albert D. Grauer, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Astronomy; BS, Concordia College; Ph.D, North Carolina State University

E-mail: adgrauer@ualr.edu


Dr. Charles E. Hathaway, Ph.D

Professor of Physics; BS, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical University; PhD, University of Oklahoma. unlisted


Dr. Andre A. Rollefson, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Physics; BA, MA, PhD, Rice University

E-mail: aarollefson@ualr.edu


Dr. Donald C. Wold, Ph.D

Professor Emeritus of Physics; BA, MA, University of Wisconsin; PhD, Indiana University

E-mail: dcwold@ualr.edu