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First Item for the Museum:

Whimshurst Electrostatic Generator:

Whimshurst Electrostatic Generator

This device is an electrostatic generator and it an “influence machine. When the author came to UALR, the shellac rotating wheels were broken: Look closely the repairs can be seen.

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The Whimshurst can provide large potential differences and stores the charges in Leyden Jars. This is something that really has to be used with some caution, but can provide impressive sparks. This is something right out of a Frankenstein Movie set.

Second Item for the Museum- :
A large Induction Coil :
This Coil was seen on an Episode of Northern Exposure
High Voltage Coil

This is a large demonstration coil that has not been in operation for 32 years: Aparently the end plates and the discharge rods were taken off before this was set aside: In an episode of “Northern Exposure” this was used to make high voltages. A goal for me is to make this work!

Radio Transmitter Tube:

radio transmitter tubeDemonstration Galvanometer:

Demonstration Galvanometer
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These are CCD images that will be used later: They show different types of objects.

CCD Images from the UALR Telescope





The Camera and Filters for Monochrome images

The Camera and Filters for Monochrome images