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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Annual Review of Faculty Including Post-Tenure Review
Policy Number: 403.3
Effective Date: September 13, 2011

Annual Review of Faculty (Checklist)
UA Board of Trustees Policy 405.1
UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook 2000, Chapter 6


Important Dates | Post-Tenure Review

The annual review of each faculty member shall provide the primary basis for the chairperson’s recommendations relating to salary, promotion, granting of tenure, successive appointment, non-reappointment, and dismissal. Furthermore, the review is to provide guidance and assistance to all faculty in their professional development and academic responsibilities in the areas of teaching, scholarly and creative activity, and service.

According to UA Little Rock and Board policy, all tenured and tenure-track faculty must be evaluated according to the policies outlined in the UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook (2000), pages 6:10-12. All non tenure-track faculty must be evaluated according to approved policies developed in each department.

Within a reasonable time after the beginning of each academic year written notification to each faculty member of that year’s assignments, review schedule, and the criteria, procedures, and instruments to be used that year is to be provided.

As noted in the handbook, UA Little Rock and Board policies require the following procedures for annual review:

  • A reasonable opportunity for each faculty member to submit materials for the annual review.
  • Peer evaluation.
  • Student evaluation of teaching.
  • The receipt by each faculty member of the chair’s tentative recommendations about the review.
  • A meeting between the chair and faculty member to discuss the review prior to the chair’s final recommendations.
  • A reasonable opportunity for each faculty member to submit a written response to the chair’s recommendations, which will be forwarded to each subsequent level of review.
  • The retaining of all records (including annual review forms, summaries of discussions between chairs and faculty, recommendations, and any other documentation) related to annual review for at least three years after the faculty member is no longer employed by the university.
  • The availability to each faculty member of all writings pertaining to that faculty member’s annual review.

By February 17 (or an earlier date set by the college dean), all chairs should forward copies of each faculty member’s reviews to the deans. At this point, they should also provide:

  • A completed Annual Review Checklist listing all faculty.
  • A cover memo that explains why any faculty member has been omitted; that reports on how English proficiency of all faculty whose first language is not English is evaluated and monitored; that summarizes faculty development needs and any problems addressed in the reviews.

Please take the necessary steps to assure that all faculty submit material to department chair for annual review by January 20, that departments complete their reviews in a timely manner, and that each faculty member receives a written report and discussion with his or her chair by February 17.

Important Dates

January 20 All faculty submit materials to be considered for their annual review. (Deans or chairs may establish an earlier date.)
Date set by dean and chair Departments complete their evaluations.
February 17 Chairs complete discussions with individual faculty members and forward copies of each annual review to the deans, along with cover and summary sheets. (Deans may establish an earlier date.)
March 10 Deans complete their evaluations and forward copies of each annual review to the provost.

Post-Tenure Review

Post-tenure review is a mechanism to ensure that the university can maintain a faculty capable of fulfilling the university’s mission effectively. It should encourage productivity, reward exceptional performance, and offer correction of unsatisfactory performance without changing the rights of faculty as enumerated in the current UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook.

Annual review is conducted for all faculty. Criteria, standards, and procedures are specified in policies set forth by the trustees, UA Little Rock administration, faculty senate, and academic units. The reviews are used for determining salary increases, promotion, tenure, and to assist faculty in professional development. Faculty also have appeal processes as outlined in departmental governance documents and the UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook.

Annual reviews for tenured faculty will be used for post-tenure review. Academic units will define overall unsatisfactory performance for tenured faculty. If a tenured faculty member receives two unsatisfactory reviews in sequence or three such reviews in five years, the faculty member, departmental group charged with peer review, chair, and the dean shall prepare a professional development plan supported by appropriate resources. The plan shall cover up to three years with the possibility of a one year extension. During the time period of the professional development plan, progress toward successful completion of the plan will become part of the annual review process for the faculty member.

When a faculty member receives two additional unsatisfactory reviews during the professional development plan period, the department chairperson, with majority vote of the departmental peer review committee, and the dean, initiates the process for terminating with cause the tenured faculty member as specified in the UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook.

Source: UA Little Rock Faculty Senate March 21, 1979 and UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook, UA Little Rock Student Handbook 2009
Revised: September 13, 2011; January 9, 2017 (dates updated)
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Custodian: Office of the Provost