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Degree Completion by University Employees - 402.11

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Degree Completion by University Employees
Policy Number: 402.11 (formerly 475.1)
Effective Date: July 1, 1997


It is the general policy of UALR to hire persons who already hold a degree at the level appropriate to the position for which a person is hired. The appropriate degree should be identified in the position advertisement. The following policy applies to those cases in which an employee completes a degree after being hired by the university.


When the Degree Is Required by the Institution

On occasion a person may be hired who is working on but has not completed the degree he or she is expected to hold as a qualification for the position. For example, sometimes a faculty member may be hired “ABD”—all but dissertation completed for the required doctorate. In such instances the letter of offer/acceptance should state expectations regarding completion of the degree as well as any changes in salary or rank which will occur upon completion of the degree.

When the Degree Is Not Required by the Institution

Unless agreed to in advance by the university, an employee should not expect a change in title or responsibilities or salary to follow completion of a degree, whether awarded by UALR or another institution of higher education when the degree is not a requirement of the position.

Tenure-Track Status and Completion of Degree

Tenure-track positions are advertised nationally and normally require the terminal degree in a discipline at the time of hire. Other instructional positions are typically advertised within the state and usually do not require the terminal degree. An employee wishing to move to tenure-track status should apply and compete for tenure-track positions when advertised.

Unless agreed to in the letter of offer/acceptance, a university employee should not expect to move from non-tenure track to tenure-track status upon completion of a higher degree.

Source: Administrative Memo to Dean’s Council from Dr. Joel Anderson, August 5, 1997
Approved By: Dr. Joel Anderson, Aug. 5, 1997
Custodian: Provost

Updated 11.13.2013