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Employment of Own Doctoral Graduates - 404.24

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Employment of Own Doctoral Graduates
Policy Number: 404.24
Effective Date: November 3, 1978


The following statement applies only to the University of Arkansas in regard to the employment of persons who have completed their doctoral programs at the University of Arkansas:

In order to avoid inbreeding, it is the general policy of the University of Arkansas not to employ doctoral graduates of the university as regular staff members on the campus where the degree was earned.

Appointments made as exceptions to the general policy shall be considered justifiable only under special circumstances. It is recognized that a hard and fast rule is not desirable, but of great concern to the university are the inherent dangers of a loose policy which would permit too much feedback into departments and colleges of our own products. Therefore, a decision to make an exception to the general policy will be made only after a careful consideration of the following four factors as they apply to each special case:

  1. Teaching and/or research experience of the university candidate at other institutions.
  2. Amount of work done by the university candidate in other institutions as part of his educational background.
  3. Qualifications of the university candidate as compared with the qualifications of available applicants from other institutions.
  4. Degree of inbreeding already in existence in the department or division concerned.

Revised:November 3, 1978
Approved By:

Updated 7.22.2013