Photos from the Clinton Presidency class, Thursday January 23, 2003


Clinton's Arkansas Roots

Segment 1:
Clinton's Early Campaigns, Dr. Stephen A. Smith, UAF, Communications and Political Science

Segment 2:
Staff who worked with the Governor, Bobby Roberts

Segment 3:
Education Reform in Arkansas,

Paul Root, Governor's staff;

Jerry Bookout, Senate Education Committee;

Bill Walker, AEA;

Joyce Elliott, PACT; and

Bobby Roberts, Governor's staff


Panel Discussion with Bobby Roberts, Paul Root, Joyce Elliot, Bill Walker and Jerry Bookout.

Photo: Dr. Scranton gets ready for class.

Smith answers a questions from the student panel

Photo: Students await the beginning of class.

Smith chats with Pat Moran, one of our guests

Photo: Video technicians and reporters.

Bobby Roberts and Paul Root, during Roberts' presentation

Joyce Elliott enumerates some points during her presentation.

Bill Walker watches Joyce Elliot talk about teacher testing

Photo: Dr. Hal Bass addresses the class.

Bill Walker enjoys Sen. Jerry Bookout's remarks

Photo: Dr. Dave Alsobrook addresses the class.

Joyce Elliott and Bill Walker agree with Sen. Bookout's point.

Photo: Dr. Alsobrook in a thoughtful pose.

Bobby Roberts, Paul Root, and Joyce Elliott

Photo: The first class concludes.

UALR Deptartment of Radio and Television films each class, and sends the tapes to C-SPAN2 for broadcast Fridays at 7 pm CST.

Photo: Guest & students visit after class.

Class concludes.

Photo: Guest & students visit after class.

Pat Torvestad, UAMS, and Dr. Tom Bruce, Dean of the School of
Public Health visit with a student.