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Presidential Election Campaign Biographies:
A Guide To The Microfiche Collection

The Collection

Presidential Election Campaign Biographies, Core Collection, 1824-1976 is a microfiche collection of 197 titles on 597 fiche. The collection includes sources about specific elections, parties and presidential candidates, including winners and losers. The information is not limited to the time period of the election and often spans a person’s entire political career. Secondary sources are often written during the candidate’s lifetime and usually soon after the election. Primary sources include speeches, letters, papers and works written by candidates. Official campaign documents are produced to persuade people to vote for a candidate; therefore, they are not always completely factual. Try to find additional information, preferably primary sources, to supplement information presented in campaign  material.



The collection is located in the Media Center on the 3rd Floor of the Ottenheimer Library at  UALR.


Using the Collection

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  1. Library Catalog — Each title in the collection is included in the Library Catalog, which can be accessed online at Search the Library Catalog by keyword of the president’s name; candidate’s name; campaign literature; or  elections.

  2. IndexAn Index to the Presidential Election Campaign Biographies, Core Collection, 1824-1976 is located in Media Center on the 3rd Floor on the Ottenheimer Library. The index with topics in alphabetical  order, has four sections:
    1. Author Index
    2. Title Index
    3. Subject Index — Hint: Start with this index
    4. Fiche Number Index


Sample Subject Index Entry: Subject, Author, Title, Publisher, Collation, Fiche number.

Compiled by Julienne Crawford, July 2002.
This research guide was produced as part of an internship project of the
Graduate Program in Public History
at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

This collection was purchased with funds from a Donaghey Foundation grant for a
"Presidential Studies Initiative" at UALR.


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