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Presidential Studies Minor


The Presidential Studies Minor requires 21 semester hours of course work which must be approved by the coordinator, Dr. Margaret E. Scranton, Professor of Political Science, Stabler Hall 608M, (501) 569-3331, Information about the minor can also be located via, the UALR Presidential Studies homepage, and in the UALR Undergraduate Catalogue.

The minor includes two required courses, POLS 3320 The American Presidency and POLS 4360, Special Topics in Political Science: Topics in Presidential Studies, plus 5 upper-level elective courses. The 15 hours of upper-level coursework must conform to these requirements:

6 hours in History

  • HIST 3352, American Revolution, 1763-1787
  • HIST 3355, The New Republic: The US, 1787-1848
  • HIST 3355, American Civil War and Reconstruction, 1848-1876
  • HIST 3356. The Gilded Age: The US, 1976-1900
  • HIST 3357, The Age of Reform: The US, 1900-1939
  • HIST 3358, Recent America: The US, 1939-present
  • HIST 4385, U.S. Diplomatic History to 1900
  • HIST 4386, US Diplomatic History Since 1900
  • HIST 4387/POLS 4387, Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy**

6 hours in Political Science

  • POLS 3301, Seminar: Presidential Nominating Process
  • POLS 3331/PADM3331, Public Administration*
  • POLS 4345, Clinton Presidency
  • POLS 4350, Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers
  • POLS 4387/HIST4387, Great Decisions in American Foreign Policy**

1 of the following courses

  • RHET 4306, Writing for Business and Government
  • HIST 4391, Seminar in United States History
  • HIST 4395, History Internship***
  • JOUR 4384, Special Topics: (with presidential topic, e.g. The Press and the Presidency)
  • PADM 3331/POLS 3331 Public Administration*
  • POLS 3348, Internship I***
  • POLS 4348, Internship II***
  • PSYC 4390, Senior Seminar, (with presidential topic, e.g. Role of Public Health across Presidencies)
  • RTVF 4370, Special Topics, RTVF, (with presidential topic, e.g. The Presidency and Film)
  • RHET 4347, Special Topics, (with presidential topic, e.g. Rhetoric of the Clinton Presidency)
  • RHET 4399, Senior Project (with presidential topic)
  • SPCH 4313, Seminar: Topics in Communication (with presidential topic)

*A student can take either POLS 3331 or PADM 3331, but not both; this is one course is cross-listed in both Political Science and Public Administration.

** A student can take either POLS 4387 or HIST 4387, but not both; this is one course is cross-listed in both Political Science and History.

***Internships may count as contingent electives, with the prior approval of the Coordinator, when the Intern’s placement is directly related to a presidential theme, such as a presidential campaign or archive.

Consult the coordinator and/or the Presidential Studies homepage for each semester’s official list of presidential studies elective courses.

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