Orientation Photos

These are several of the shots taken during our Clinton Presidency class orientation session at UALR on Saturday, Jan. 11, 2003.

Captions are inserted below the photos. Thanks to Jennifer B. for taking the photos!

photo of Rod and Scranton photo of Scranton at the computer
Rod helps Dr. Scranton get the room set up. Dr. Scranton brought the usual number (lots) of handouts. Dr. Scranton get ready to show the Orientation presentation. Students who could not attend on Saturday can view the PowerPoint presentation with a narration; they can also just read the narration script.
photo of class during set up
We met in DK 210, a smart classroom, so that students with WebCT could show their classmates how to log on and tour the Clinton Presidency course.
photo of class getting ready
Marc and Jennifer E. assist their classmates -- as usual, the log on process was more complicated than expected.
photo of Duffy, Milazzo, and students
The class owes a debt of thanks to two people pictured here. Joan Duffy, seated at the far left, Media Relations Manager in the UALR Office of Communications, briefed the students on press coverage of our course. Cindy Milazzo, who is seated next to Joan Duffy, is UALR's Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities and Services. She made it possible for us to hold our orientation on campus on a Saturday and will coordinate our access to the UA System office throughout the semester. .
photo of students at their computers