Are you using your P-Card?

The UALR P-Card is designed to provide a convenient, effective, and efficient method for purchasing small-dollar orders of commodities and services.

The UALR P-Card replaces the traditional purchasing method of requisition, purchase order, invoicing, and check distribution. The efficiency and leeway of the UALR P-Card reduces paperwork and online processing, which allows faculty and staff to maintain focus on the vital aspects of their job(s) directly benefiting the department’s time management.

The UALR P-Card is especially efficient for the payment of small-dollar, high-volume, recurring purchases. The program allows the cardholder the ability to directly deal with vendors in order to expedite delivery of commodities and services. The program also provides a method of payment with extensive acceptance from vendors. The card may be used for UALR purchases in person, via phone, facsimile, Internet, or mail.

If you or your department supervisor have questions about the P-Card, we invite you to contact our P-Card administrator, Clarice Anderson, and request a face-to-face session about the advantages of the P-Card. This will give us an opportunity to answer all questions and concerns. Clarice may be contacted at or 501.569.8702.

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