Procurement Services promotes cost-saving initiatives

In light of recent budget cuts, Procurement Services is continuously looking for ways to help you save. As a result, we have undertaken several cost-saving initiatives.

First, we recommend analyzing your printing devices. Are you buying toner for a printer? Would it be more cost-effective to print to your copier because the toner is included in the monthly lease payment? To schedule an analysis, please contact Mary Worthy at 501.569.3431 or

A second initiative is to verify your department is receiving the maximum discounts available through FedEx. If you will send your FedEx account number via email to Debbie Hankins at, we will verify the discounts on your account.

AT&T cell phone plans are the third cost-saving initiative being undertaken by Procurement Services. If your department has one or more AT&T cell phones, we may be able to switch you to a plan that has deeper discounts. Please contact Suzette Probst at 501.569.3119 or and she can investigate cell plans and discounts for your department.

The final initiative is to encourage the use of the Procurement Card (P-Card). JPMorgan Chase surveyed dozens of its university purchasing card customers. As a result of implementing and enhancing existing Procurement Card programs, department heads are spending less time authorizing, tracking, and processing purchase data. Financial administrators are reducing overhead and significantly minimizing administrative tasks so staff can focus on other responsibilities, improving payment flexibility, and making purchasing more efficient at all levels of their institution. Therefore, it is in our best interests to utilize the P-Card program whenever possible here at UALR.

If your department is not utilizing the P-Card, we will be glad to review the program with you and your staff to see how it can benefit your department. Please contact our P-Card administrator, Clarice Anderson, at 501.569.8602 or to schedule a meeting.

These cost-saving initiatives are just a few examples of our ongoing efforts to achieve maximum savings for your department.



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