Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have received my order, now what do I do?

A. When you received a copy of the purchase order issued, you should have a “Receiver” page. Sign the page and send it to Accounts Payable.

Q. What is the current rate for mileage reimbursement?

A. It is 42 cents per mile.

Q. How do I receive reimbursement for travel expenses?

A. If you have completed your trip and if you have your “Encumbrance Number” from your TA, put the “Encumbrance Number” on your TR-1, complete the form, and send it to Accounts Payable with all supporting documentation.

Q. Am I required to submit a TA (Travel Authorization) for all travel?

A. Yes. When traveling on official UA Little Rock business employees are provided limited coverage under the university’s travel accident insurance as long as a TA form is on file. Even if the employee will not claim expenses for reimbursement, the TA form must be submitted with the “No Cost – UA Little Rock Insurance Only” box checked and approved by Procurement Services.

Q. Do I have to submit a new requisition to pay my copier lease each fiscal year?

A. Yes, a new requisition should be submitted to pay your lease each fiscal year.

Q. Can I pay copy overages using the requisition set up to pay my copier lease?

A. No, a different requisition should always be submitted to pay copy overages. If you have not set up a copier overage blanket, you may want to think about doing that now.

Q. Can I add a new feature to my copier after my lease has started?

A. Yes, you can add a new feature to your copier. Please contact Mary Worthy at 501.569.8702 for instructions on how to do that.