FAQ – Office Supply Vendor

Q. What is Government Supply Services’ vendor number in Banner?

A. T00583295

Q. If I have an open blanket purchase order for Office Depot, what should I do?

A. Email Mary Worthy at mdworthy@ualr.edu to decrease or close the purchase order, depending on outstanding or pending orders.

Q. Can I use a blanket purchase order to pay for purchases?

A. Yes. You have the option of using a blanket (open) purchase order or a P-Card. Purchase order numbers cannot be saved within the system settings. Instructions are located under the Payment Options link or you may contact Procurement Services at 501.569.3144 for assistance.

Q. Can I use different P-Cards or am I limited to one P-Card for each account. I would rather not enter a P-Card on the front end and have the ability to use different P-Cards from the same user’s account.

A. Absolutely. You can store one card number or your can enter the card number when you place the order, so that you can utilize multiple cards.

Q. Am I required to set a dollar limit for purchases within the fiscal year if a P-Card is used for payment?

A. You are not required to, although it is recommended. When a blanket purchase order is used, the limit is set by the amount encumbered up front.

Q. Can I set up separate accounts for each of the different purchasers in my office, along with different “delivery to” contact information, even if they use the same blanket purchase order?

A. Yes, you will need to set up all three users with separate log-ins. They can use the same blanket purchase order.

Q. Am I still allowed to make purchases at Office Depot?

A. Emergency purchases are allowed at the local Office Depot store only.

Q. Will Office Depot be the only available vendor for emergency office supply purchases?

A. It is the preferred method if a true emergency exists. Office Depot has two stores in Little Rock and one store in North Little Rock. When you use your P-Card to make a purchase, you will receive the state contract price for the item you purchase.

Q. Is Government Supply Services our only source for office supplies?

A. No, you have the option of using UA Little Rock’s Central Stores to purchase your supplies. You definitely should purchase all your copy paper from Central Stores for maximum cost savings because they receive the most competitive pricing by purchasing in bulk and the savings are passed on to each department.

Q. What is the estimated delivery time with Government Supply Services? Office Depot delivered the next day in most cases.

A. The same delivery schedule will apply as we have now. Most purchases will be delivered within one day. This all depends on when the order is placed and which warehouse is shipping the order. You should allow two days for the order to arrive because that is the maximum number of days unless an item is on national back order.

Q. Will my purchase be charged a shipping or delivery fee?

A. No.